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HYPE OF THE DAY: 6 Tracks We’re Obsessed With Right Now

Listen to the six amazing tracks we’ve rounded from this talented bunch of new artists, including music from Shura, Allie X, D.A. Wallach and more. Sit back, press play and enjoy.

Sunstack Jones – Bet I Could

Liverpool based Sunstack Jones recently released their new single, Bet I Could, via Eighties Vinyl Records, a limited edition vinyl can be bought here. Bet I Could is a dreamy folk pop song that’s as deliciously sweet as a fresh summer morning, sprinkled with male/female vocals it melts on the ears and its just the splash of colour to brighten up your day. The band are soon to be releasing their sophomore album, so that’s something to be on the lookout for.


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Allie X

Allie X – Prime

She may look a little bit like Lady Gaga, but don’t be mistaken by her appearance she is no GAGA. Canadian synth pop songstress, Allie X has definitely made her mark, with just two songs online to her name, she is capturing music lovers hearts worldwide and this is shown no better than in the track, Prime, pure pop vibes that are deliriously addictive and just plain good fun. You’ll be chanting “Forget what I need, give me what I want and it’ should be fine” all day long. FACT. Want to know exactly what Katy Perry and TIME Magazine are raving about, then click play.


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KONGOS – I’m Only Joking

Band of brothers, KONGOS are currently burning up the charts and the airwaves in the USA, but they are virtually unheard of here in the UK. Well that’s all about to change over the coming months because not only will they be releasing their début album, they will be visiting our sunny shores for their UK tour. I’m Only Joking stomps around with sensational pride and glory, think Tame Impala’s Elephant drum and bass combination as a taste of what to except. KONGOS rock verges at times to almost tribal sounds, their is something very primal and organic about this band that makes it impossible to be even slightly disappointed with their music, they are just the bit of excitement you need in your life.


Taken off the début album, Lunatic (out 29th September)

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Mirror Signal

Mirror Signal – Submarine Eyes

Mirror Signal aka. Stephen Barker is going from strength to strength with each new release and people are starting to notice. His soulful electronic pop is making waves across the UK, in testament to this he’s been asked to play at some of the UK’s best festivals this summer, including Kendal Calling, The Great Escape and Latitude. This latest single, Submarine Eyes is just a pleasure to listen to, he’s a one man singer/songwriter-musician-producer wonder. The track has a real fighting energy to it, a pulsing beat that just won’t quit, one listen and you’ll be humming Submarine Eyes all day long, no doubt about it.


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D.A – Glowing

Mystery is not necessarily something you would associate with this artist, though by choosing to go under just the initials, D.A it adds a little adventure to what he does. Glowing is a magical track that has all the class and grandeur that makes D.A.’s music so powerful accentuated with sensual piano notes, heavenly strings and of course, rich harmonies. D.A has a voice that easily matches the power and intensity that Sir. Elton John so effortlessly commands himself. This track may not be that new, but ever since I came across it all those months ago, I’ve never been able to get past it. D.A is a very special artist, he has managed to rake up quite a following with his impressive musical skills, but I guess it helps somewhat to be backed by the likes of Kayne West and Pharrell Williams.


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Shura – Touch

London chanteuse, Shura let her début single, Touch, loose in the world two months ago now and not only has it gained the fervour of Radio 1 but it has also captured the hearts of many music lovers across the world, including us here at Bitter Sweet Symphonies. The single remarkably still has no release date in place, but if it’s any consolation you can stream it till your hearts content below. Touch is an electronic pop beauty, with its luxuriously mellow and hypnotic washes of synths and beats coupled with dusky, sweet vocals make this track unmissable. 


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