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Even though the music Rat Boy (aka. Jordan Cardy) produces is far from what I’d usually listen to, let alone feature. I felt compelled by Jordan’s indie hip hop stylings, enough for it to strike something in me. Basically, his music deserves to be shared around and heard on a large scale. His first major release as a solo artist comes in the form of The Mixtape, with the promise of a début EP on the way in the summer and lots of live shows booked, this literally is just the start for this young artist.

Jordan’s sound rocks up with bags of charm, it has a real sense of prowess and pride to it also, the lyricism exudes for the lack of a better word, swagger, his confidence beams brightly throughout. Well, think on the lines of Twenty One Pilots and you’ll come very close to his sound. I can’t help but hear a little early Bear Hands in his sound too. You might be surprised by the level of grit that surges through Jordan’s music, a long way away from the likes of fellow Essex born superstars, Olly Murs and Jessie J’s pop sensibilities. Anyway, you can stream The Mixtape till your hearts content below and enjoy.

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