EP REVIEW: The Reveurs – ‘The Reveurs’

The Reveurs shot on to the scene late 2013, and instantly gained attention and love from Manchester’s music scene and local bloggers, since then they have been gigging non-stop and have released two tracks via Manchester’s Scruff of the Neck Records, gaining them a loyal fanbase and they are now being hotly tipped as ones to watch this year. The Reveurs are now set to drop their self-titled début EP on Friday 25th April. The EP promises a soundtrack of anthemic, melodic indie flourishes and darker moments of moody, more volatile rock, equally both as powerful and direct.

Track one, Control, is a great introduction to The Reveurs melodic, vibrant indie rock sound embellished with sailing guitar riffs, punchy bass and raucous drum beats led by a tormented vocal from Nelson. As the song heats up in fiery intention, it spins into a chorus of emotional ferocity, Nelson sparks “reach out and touch and me, take what you needed, tonight we loose control”.

Track two, Escapology, I’m told is frontman Nelson’s angsty confessional about the want to leave his small-town rural beginnings in Wales and head to the big city. The track is a flury of bass, drums and guitars that revels in the anguish of Nelson’s plea for escape from “this seaside town”. This track definitely stands on its own two feet as the breakout of the EP, with its sheer growling velocity and incessant groove, it’s a track that you won’t forget soon after listening, trust me.

Final track of the EP, Shade of Grey, brings a change of tone, prowling in its moody, monochromic transcendence, it introduces us to another side of the band. The track, even though it’s set at a much slower pace than the previous tracks, still manages to bring a sense of immediacy and infectious rhythm to the forefront. It’s sharp, dusky soundscape soon free’s up and sends the listener into a rapturous haze of glorious wall to wall sound, as the chorus rings out “You’re nothing more than a shade of grey”. It’s unapologetically fierce lyricism is its winning quality. This track has real power and a ferocity to it, just enough to leave you craving for more, a triumph for sure.

On this EP The Reveurs not only solidify why they are a band with a lot of promise, but they scream it from the rooftops, a solid début from this Manchester four piece, albeit maybe a little too short, only three tracks?! I think everyone will agree that’s just not enough, we want to hear more Reveurs, but well done to them for producing something that is both relentless in its urgency and enveloping in its darker moments. Copies of the EP will be available to purchase here very soon, check back on the release day (Friday 25th April).

Track Listing: 1- Control, 2- Escapology, 3- Shade Of Grey

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