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London based alt-rock quintet, The Mispers, are poised to release their début self-titled EP via B-Unique on 13th April. Currently touring with Saint Raymond across the UK and sweeping up attention from all the right people, already being named as Zane Lowe’s ‘Next Hype’ on BBC Radio 1 and they were included in Clash Magazine’s ‘Next Wave Class of 2014’ list, the future’s already looking bright for this young band. They effortlessly weave intricate sounds of folk with indie rock to distinguish a sound that is purely unique, The Mispers are definitely are a band to get really excited about.

I caught up with the band to discuss everything from Breaking Bad, touring memories, their current support slot with Saint Raymond and much, much more.

The fact that your band name is inspired by a police term, Mispers, meaning missing person, I’m guessing you are big fans of crime dramas. So I wanted to ask, what’s your favourite crime drama?

Ah we actually hadn’t thought of it in that way. But a fair question nonetheless, gotta be Breaking Bad for us. Our tour manager was just catching up on the bus for the past few weeks, impossible to take your eyes off it! 

You’re currently on tour with Saint Raymond, how’s the tour been going? Any highlights yet or backstage shenanigans that you could let us all in on?

The tour has been wonderful. We’ve met some really amazing people, the Saint Raymond lot are lovely as well and so is Kimberly Anne who has been supporting each night so far. Every gig’s been so vibey, so much positivity everywhere it’s truly magical. 

In terms of backstage shenanigans, finding a homeless guy kipping on our bus was quite surreal. Right after our show in Manchester, he was just casually snoozing on the sofa on the bottom deck. Nice guy though! 

How do you spend your time when you’re on tour? What do you get up to between shows? What’s the playlist in the van sounding like right now?

Well we’ve always got a football with us everywhere we go, so we often end up having massive kick-arounds in car-parks or motorway services. We do love a good stroll through a new city though, that’s got to be the most exciting thing about being on tour, waking up somewhere new every morning and just exploring. 

Just before setting off we asked on facebook/twitter for music suggestions and we got some great tunes in, bit of Sam Smith, some new Paolo Nutini, Shura, Jungle, gotta have a bit of Arcade Fire in there always. 

Your live shows have created a real buzz surrounding your band, for people that are yet to see a Mispers live set, can you give them a little tease into what to expect?

Moisture. A lot of moisture. If you ain’t sweating by the end of it something’s gone wrong somewhere.. There’s just so much energy at the live shows its hard to explain, from us on stage but from the crowd as well, the whole vibe is just so bouncy and fun and moist. Very moist. 

How do you feel you stand apart from other bands today?

Well we have a very strange set-up. No bass. Violin. 3 vocals, which often end up being 2 or 3 leads rather than backing vocals. Our drummer is heavily influenced by hip-hop, our lead guitarist is old-school rock, the violinist is classically trained.. It’s quite the eclectic mix (we’re all from different countries as well), so it makes for a very interesting sound..

You must you have collected some great gig memories over the time you’ve been together, is there a particular moment that stands out in your mind as being memorable, a crazy moment perhaps that really surprised you whilst on tour?

One of the craziest moments has to be out in Germany last summer. We were playing at a festival in Nuremberg and when we started our set it was raining so everyone was sat down under umbrellas. Little pockets sprang up throughout the set of people braving the rain, but just before the last song, our rhythm guitarist asked everyone to get up and dance. I don’t know what we were expecting but they absolutely rammed the stage and had this huge 1000+ wet dance-off. Then we finished and the sun came out immediately during the final cheer. It was dreamy as hell. 

When you’re not gigging and touring, what’s your favourite thing to do in your downtime?

Hmmm… That’s a tough one. We’re all into different things. Especially, Hannah on the violin, she’ll be off at some church quiz night with her nan whilst we’re out with our mates in London. Seeing friends and family I guess would be the easy way out of that question.  

Your début EP is coming out next month, how excited are you about that to get more music out there and do you have a fave track off the EP?

Ye we cannot wait! We’ve had these tracks ready for a while now and we’re just mad keen to spread some more Mispers love. We’ve all got personal favourites on the EP but it’s probably between ‘Emilie’ and ‘Trading Cards’. 

All the tracks you’ve put out so far are very distinctive, especially in differentiating you from other bands that are out at the moment, when it comes to writing and putting the tracks down in studio what’s the process like?

I don’t think we’re experienced enough to have an actual process just yet. Every time we go into the studio we’re trying something new. The song-writing has morphed into our everyday life to such an extreme extent that we’re never really out of writing-mode. Everyone’s randomly chipping in with a new idea over breakfast or whatever, which can be quite strange. But it’s what we live for, we don’t ever want to lessen the speed at which we write new tunes. 

Do you feel like your sound has changed since you guys first started out?

Oh definitely! It’s crazy to think back to the tracks we played at our first show. Only one has stood its ground long enough to still be with us, Brother, which is on the upcoming EP, and there’s a pretty cool video to go with it as well, you can find it on YouTube already.  

Your music is made to be heard in a festival setting, with its vibrancy and versatility it really shines. I guess that you probably live for playing music festivals? As festival season is approaching pretty soon, do you have many festivals lined up for the summer, any that you’re particularly looking forward to playing?

Ye we absolutely froth over a good festival. We’ve played some amazing ones so far and can’t wait to get onto a full circuit for a while this summer. The crowds at festivals are so on point, so much energy! This year (again we’ve all got our favourites) but as a whole we are really looking forward to Secret Garden Party. We’ve also got a few more out in Europe this summer which is always a massive buzz. 

We’re big supporters of new music here at Bitter Sweet Symphonies. Having said that, are there any new artists that have caught your attention recently that you’d like to share with us?

Ye we got 3 girls for you actually that you gotta check out. Firstly, Kimberly Anne who has been on tour with Saint Raymond with us, she’s wonderful. So much fun on stage. Then check out Shura, who just released her first track ‘Touch’ a couple of weeks ago. She is absolutely sensational. Finally you may have heard of her already because she’s doing so flipping well, but Denai Moore is so stunning live. Ladies represent! 

I hear that you send out your photographer with a ‘I found The Mispers’ sign at gigs so people can have their picture taken with the sign, which is a really cool idea. Your very close to your fans, is there anything you’d like to say to them now?

Just a massive thanks for all the support from day 1, it’s been so much fun having the fans so involved with everything! We’ll be putting on another Missing Til Monday party this summer (or 2 or 3 or 4 😉 ) so come check ’em out. The parties are all a big thank you to YOU after all! 


A special thanks to The Mispers for this interview and for more info on the band, check out the following links below.

Website . Facebook . Twitter

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