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The members of The Night VI come from all corners of the world, from the romantic milieu of Paris, to the tropical paradiso of Bogota, Columbia, all the way to the sunny climates of our humble English towns, but all have a story to tell, and it’s nothing short of magic when they come together as a band.

After the success of their début single, Thinking Of You, last year, the band have just dropped their newest offering, new single, Sienna, which is set for release 28th April. The best way to describe The Night VI would be to take, for example The XX’s atmospheric sound and combining that with the haunting, tormented romance of London Grammar, then you’ll come close to The Night VI and their sound.

The Night VI have nailed the perfect sound, the sunny disposition of their melancholy is something that makes their music so powerful and so understated, accentuated by the romanticism that flourishes in every chord, every note, and every breath, it defines their music in rapturous elegance and it is the epitome of great indie pop. With sweet, feathery vocals and plush harmonies, it’s the cherry on the cake that will leave you mesmerised after your first listen, it’s hard not to fall for this band head first. Sienna is lush and playful with airy vocals and flourishing instrumentation, it revels in its chordal beauty and clearly defines The Night VI as a band that definitely have the potential to go really far. Undoubtedly, 2014 is sure to be a great year for this band to soar to even greater heights and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

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