EP REVIEW: Broken Records – ‘Toska’

Edinburgh’s Broken Records, are in the midst of releasing their new EP, Toska, which has already gained a whole host of positive reviews from mainstream media outlets, including NME and Clash. Toska is a beautifully produced moving piece of music, a return to glory for this Scottish band. The new EP is just the tipping point of a whole host of new material to come from Broken Records, with the release of their third album imminent also, it’s an exciting time for this band.

The band have taken a slightly different approach to distributing these new offerings, partnering with PledgeMusic, they devised a plan to let fans pre-order the new EP and record through their site with lots of rare and exclusive goodies available to purchase also. I’d say it’s a very good plan, with part of the proceeds/pledges going to charity’s that are close to their hearts, Shelter Scotland and The Sick Kids Foundation. I’d say it’s the best way to release a record and it’s not too late either to support the band, you can still go and pre-order the new album, new EP and lots more exclusive stuff here but hurry there’s not long left.

Toska with its engrossing, sensual instrumentation, not only draws you in as a listener but it submerges you into a whole new world, picture yourself on a towering cliff face, hair blowing in the wind, free to roam the moors, you are one with the countryside and nature. Listening to this EP is a totally freeing experience, it’s delicate yet deeply troubled, moving and introverted, a real masterpiece. Not unlike what you’d hear from the likes of Elbow or The National.

Opening track, Toska, delicately wakes to a sparse instrumental of rousing strings and ambient piano, resting on Sutherland’s plush, warm vocal tones. The track begins to unravel and expand its horizons bursting into life like a flowering daffodil in the first days of Spring, with its introduction of delicate guitar and drums, it creates a visceral bond with the listener, a bold introduction to this EP. Track two, See You On The Way Down, envelops you whole with its arresting instrumentation and Sutherland’s harrowing vocal, another perfect example of Toska‘s rich soundscape and majesty.

Ward is a calming piano, violin piece of instrumentation with whispers of background noise and birds chirping in the distance, you feel at home, it’s easy just to get lost in the beauty of this track. It’s orchestral notes reign over you like a shower of rain drops, very cinematic in its arrangement, it’s amazing what Broken Records can say without really saying anything, truly inspirational.

Revival is a fighter, it comes out swinging with it’s surging guitars, insistent bass lines and melodious drums, Sutherland’s resonant vocal accompanied by a crescendo of larger than life harmonies is just the cherry on the cake. The track continues to swell with its resounding trumpets and an orchestra of lush instrumentation, a lovely and celebratory moment to end the EP on. Revival is actually available for free download right now, which you can find here.

Track listing: 1- Toska, 2- See You On The Way Down, 3- Ward, 4- Revival

Toska will be released on 24th March and don’t miss Broken Records live, catch them in Glasgow, London and Leeds throughout April. 

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