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HYPE OF THE DAY: Shiny Darkly

I came across this Danish trio yesterday browsing The Great Escape 2014 festival line up and all I can say is why has it taken so long for them to come into my life? They are total game changers. With the release of their début album, Little Earth, imminent and a solid back catalogue to their name, they are one band to get excited about.

Diana taken off their début self-titled EP, released back in May 2012, shows their prowess and ability off in spades. It’s moody, monochromic rock that swells in greatness with it’s crescendos of fuzzy riffs, reverb drenched bass and harrowing, chanty vocals. The track gleams with it’s slight psych edge, like pinholes of glinting light that are shining through the darkness, with a sonorous and powerful vocal from Bech, they create a wall of sound that is delicately crafted and unstoppable. If you like PINS, The Horrors, Joy Division or BRMC, it’s pretty likely that you’ll love Shiny Darkly. Be on the look out your their LP, Little Earth, out 31st March 2014. Watch the video for most recent single, Dead Stars, here.

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