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SONG OF THE WEEK: Tom the Lion – ‘Sleep’

Tom’s début album, Sleep, is released on 3rd February, it sparks the welcome return of this London based singer/songwriter. Often compared to songwriting greats, Thom Yorke and Jeff Buckley, he is undoubtedly one to watch in 2014 and the title track, Sleep, is a clear-cut beauty.

After successfully releasing his limited edition début double EP’s, that made up The Adventures of Tom The Lion in 2011, exclusively through Rough Trade, and those selling out without having received a single drop of media attention. Tom the Lion proved that with a solid catalogue of melodic, storytelling songs and the power of music lovers behind you, that you don’t need to follow the ‘rules’, it just shows where talent and hard work can get you.

The track itself, is a subtle blend of atmospherics, opening with sparse instrumentation that continues to swell and sweep with tones of delicate piano notes and guitar chords, overlayed with a sweet, velvety vocal. Like a tidal wave, the chorus envelops you and washes over you like water droplets slowly falling from the sky and hitting your window pane. The simplicities of the foregrounding verses that bookend the chorus create the perfect opposition, that really brings out the beauty of the song, making it not just a calming, kaleidoscopic sensation of warm, melodious tones but also something that is powerful and rooted in emotion.The growing grandeur of this track clearly shows that Tom the Lion is a formidable artist, who hopefully is going to rise out of obscurity this year and become the shining light that he deserves to be.

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