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SONG OF THE WEEK: Leon Else – ‘Protocol’

24 year old singer/songwriter Leon Else, is something else (pardon the pun, not intended), he is sure to be one of the big breakouts of 2014. With the release of the music video for his début single, Protocol, just last month, Leon is set to be turning a lot of heads. He has already caught the attention of Radio 1 DJ, Huw Stephens, who has picked Protocol as his introducing pick of the week. Unfortunately, there are no plans as yet for an actual release of the song, but I’m sure it can’t be long off.

Leon first attracted the interests of the music business aged 21, when, armed with his first Macbook Pro and Garage Band, he started uploading melodies and lyrics to MySpace. Three years on and he is now signed to Turn First Records. The song itself is magnificent, laden with dark, electro beats that drive the song. Else’s chocolatey smooth, soulful vocals ignite a wave of emotion in the song, as the song breaks down, this connection becomes blurred and we are submerged into the world of the song.

The song is about hooking up with someone for a one night stand. It’s about the girl wanting more out of the relationship, falling in love too easily, when that’s just not what the guy wants, “rules are there for a reason, if you can’t fight what you’re feeling, please shut the door as you’re leaving / That’s not the protocol, said leave your heart at home”. It’s the dangerous, grey murky area of love and relationships that everyone experiences at some point in their lives, of being the person who wants more out of a relationship, a power struggle, the video reflects this feeling.

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