Limerick three piece, Slow Riot offer up a post-punk slice of heaven with their début single, Cooper’s Dream. The band consists of Niall Clancy (bass, vocals), Aaron Duff (guitars) and Barry O’Halloran (drums) and to say they only formed this summer, they are pretty damn good.

How to sum them up then, well they are a lot of things, but at the core they make up one amazing band. Combine the atmospherics of The XX, the melancholy of Joy Division and the light and dark shades of Radiohead, and you’ll come close to Slow Riot’s sound. The band themselves say they “blend dreamscape sounds with introspective indie flourishes”, and I like it a lot. Have a listen to their début below and see for yourselves just how great they are.

Cooper’s Dream is a dark and brooding song that takes the listener on a journey through a desolate landscape and into another world. The song is charred in melancholy, searching for a guiding light through the darkness, truly this song is very cinematic in its scope and ambition, I think it would make the perfect soundtrack to something like 28 Days Later. The song simmers until it reaches its breaking point around the 3:30 minute mark, when it intensifies into a blaze of sound. A solid début track from this Irish three piece and I can’t wait to hear more.

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