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Washington DC duo Gems are Clifford John Usher and Lindsay Pitts, they formed in 2012 and have since gone to create some of the most magical dream like electronic pop I’ve ever heard. Trust me, after just listening to one song of their songs, you’ll fall in love with Gems right away. They are so dreamy and they will leave you breathless at the drop of Pitts’ voice, as her voice rings out through the ethereal misty backdrop of swirly guitars, groovy bass and 80s influenced synths, the perfect combination in my mind.

Pitts’ voice is angelic, it floats around in your head and sings out to your very core accentuated with Usher’s soothing vocal harmonies, this especially comes through in songs like Pegasus and All I Ever, layered over a bed of glistening synths and beats, they create the most wonderful music, which doesn’t come around very often. Vocally at times, Pitt’s voice reminds me of lead vocalist of Wolf Alice, Ellie Rowsell, delicate yet tough but fragile, honey like vocals. Dreamy and comforting at the same time.

Listen to their latest track, Medusa below, taken off their Medusa EP, out 12th November. It’s stunning, their best yet for sure. With a silky smooth, intense vocal from Pitts and slick beats.

For more info on Gems check out the following links below:

Website  .  Facebook  .  Twitter

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