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HYPE OF THE DAY: My Grey Horse

My Grey Horse have been together as a band for a couple of years now. Having a look back at some of their older material I noticed that in their video for Waste of Air, it features a certain someone that you all may be familiar with indie/Hollywood actress Juno Temple, which made me even more interested to investigate further. 

Having just released a new single, entitled Big Night (also up for free download here) the song is taken from their EP, Stop Before The Dry River, and will also be featured on their upcoming début album, set to be released next year. So there’s plenty of musical goodness from My Grey Horse to listen to and to get your hands on, between now and then, so I suggest you do.

My Grey Horse come from the home of William Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon, which you might say is where they take influence from, like Shakespeare, My Grey Horse have a penchant for words, they are word smiths and storytellers. The song itself, Big Night is an infectious, warm tune that glistens through it’s casio-toned keyboard electronics, it’s a sweet sunny indie pop song that will have you fumbling for the repeat button. This is a very promising song that signals a new era for the band, and I can’t wait to hear more. 



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