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All the Young are a guitar band from Stoke with faultless classics to their name like Welcome Home and The Horizon, they are truly one of the best bands around.  Currently working on their second album and with plans to release a new single very soon, it’s a very exciting time for All the Young right now. After a recent line up change in the band, All the Young have regrouped and are set to continue on their legacy with new drummer, Asa James and with brothers, Ryan and Jack Dooley, they will do just that because after all ‘We are All The Young!’.

I caught up with the band’s frontman, Ryan Dooley for an exclusive interview to discuss the band’s future and everything else in between. Read on and enjoy! [Note: This has to be one of my personal favourite interviews I’ve done so far.]

Hi Ryan. Firstly, I’d like to say thanks for this interview. If you were to describe All The Young in three words or less, what would they be?

You’re very welcome. The three words I would choose are; Naughty, little, shits 🙂

What’s the story behind your band name, All the Young?

We just love the collective vibe to it. We started of on We Are All The Young but shortened it in the end as it’s a mouthful. Our crowds chant it though funnily enough! 

You recently played a special hometown show in Stoke at the Sugarmill before playing at the British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park. How did both of those shows go? Was it good to get back playing live after taking a break?

We’ve been busy writing this record all summer, so it was great to just get out and do some gigging. It’s the reward for all of your hard work in the studio. I love touring, it’s the best thing ever.

What’s your favourite song to perform live?

It changes all the time but right now it’s The Horizon. I always love playing new stuff though so that will change very soon 🙂

As you’ve recently been working in the studio on your upcoming second release. When can we be expecting to hear some of the new material and has it been taking a new direction from what we’ve heard from you before?

Well, we are going to announce a single that will come out before Christmas hopefully. There is also some other exciting stuff that I can’t mention yet but all will be revealed soon. The winter will see us out on the road again. It’s been too long!

All the Young’s latest track, Fingerprints and DNA (can you believe it’s only a demo as well?!!)

When inspiration strikes, are you one for grabbing the pen and paper or do you opt for your phone?

This is a great question. I used to be Oldskool and use a book until very recently. I actually email things to myself now, so I can always get them. I am a victim of technology, it’s official 🙁

Talk us through the songwriting process. Is it a collaborative effort and roughly, how long does it take you to write a song?

Usually it’s me who writes the songs, but recently Jack has been chipping in a lot. He’s becoming quite the writer is our lad!

You’ve achieved so much already as a band, headlining tours across the UK, touring Australia and working with the genius that is, Garth Richardson on your debut album, Welcome Home. Having said all this, what’s been the standout moment for you so far?

Touring Australia was very special. It really felt like that was a big moment in the bands career. We’ve learnt so much these past few years and we can’t wait for more. I’m never one to rest of my laurels or be nostalgic. The most exciting thing is the future for me.

You have a great relationship with your fans, at gigs and through social media, which I for one, really appreciate. Do you feel it’s important to connect with them that way?

Absolutely. A lot of bands choose not to, but more and more artists do it. I must confess I read our fans profiles sometimes. I’m just a normal lad like all of them and I can’t help it. The fact people take the time to follow us and message us is very special for me. 

What are you currently listening to? Are there any new artists or bands that you think we should know about?

Love The 1975 who supported us on their first ever tour. I like The Vaccines new song as its a different direction. Loved Bowie’s last record too.

Do you have any tips for new bands starting out, any advice that you could give to them?

Never give up. Try not to over expose yourself in the early days though. It’s too tempting to chuck your best work out too early and when it’s not finished! 

If you could only pick one song of yours to play and a cover. Which songs would you pick and why?

The Horizon is a special song for me as it’s about my friend who tragically died. A cover would be Jokerman by Bob Dylan. In fact, I’m hell bent on getting that ready for a show one day!

Can we be expecting to see you back on the road anytime soon? As I think everyone would agree, we miss you guys.

Hopefully, during the winter from the back of the single. We have 2 songs fully recorded for releases now so let’s see. It would be great to be out in January or as early as possible in 2014. We’ll let everyone know when we do. x


A special thanks to Ryan Dooley from All The Young for the interview and for more info on the band, check out the following links below.

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