Hot List: The best new artists that you are missing out on

We want to take some time out to introduce you to, or maybe just reacquaint you all with, the following artists. They are all true talents and are sure to be making waves around the UK and the world for years to come. Have a read and have a listen, but most importantly enjoy!

James Bay

James Bay is an incredible artist, a singer-songwriter from a small town called, Hitchin, just North of London. James Bay has a voice that you won’t forget easily, with a husk to his voice and heaps of soul. His voice has a very soothing quality to it, which makes him very special in my eyes, his songs are warm and rich with emotion, which compliments his voice perfectly. He just leaves you hanging on his every word, he is that great, his songs bury deep into your soul with a fiery passion, I’ve not been this excited about an artist in a long time. His début EP, The Dark Of The Morning, is an amazing first offering, rightfully cementing James Bay as one to watch and someone who will be around for a very long time making music. He is currently on tour in the US and he’ll be back in November to support Kodaline on their sold out UK tour, so it’s looking pretty good for this young singer-songwriter, I wish him all the best and I can’t wait to hear more.


Phia (aka. Sophia Exiner) is someone who is really special. She is originally from Australia, but is now based in the creative hive that is the city of Berlin. She is so unique, she plays the kalimba, which is an African instrument that creates magical sounds, it draws out the raw essence of her music and also adds a cultural element to it .Her music is seeped in heritage, of her native Australia and the sounds of tribal Africa. Her music is an art form in itself, it is more than just music it is an experience, the way she captivates an audience with her sounds and presence is beautiful to witness. Her pop sensibilities and use of a loop pedal really compliment each other, she is a very exciting artist for sure.

The Ninth Watch

The Ninth Watch are an indie band from Manchester. They make music that makes an impact from the very first listen, with a sound that wouldn’t be out of place next to Doves or Elbow, they are surely going to be around for a long time to come. With songs like, Concrete Boots and Forever’s A Long Time, that are so infectious, you’ll be singing them for days after hearing them. Their sound features a very vast soundscape and it’s meant to be heard on a large scale, with huge soaring guitars and heart stirring melodies, they are ones to be on the look out for, trust me.

Neon Rouge

Neon Rouge are a blues rock band from Stoke on Trent. Neon Rouge will have you feverous and begging for more after just a few seconds, their songs are just that good. They are a driving force, with heaps of energy and soul, their music is so slick and delicious, it’s impossible not to hit the repeat button. Add them to the list of the best blues bands around, along with Turrentine Jones and Little Brother Eli they are in great company.

Alaska Campus

Alaska Campus are an indie rock four-piece from London, consisting of Ryan Potter (lead vocals, guitar), Daniel Dorney (lead guitar), Liam Fossey (bass) and Liam O’Sullivan (drums). They make ridiculously catchy, anthemic tunes. With Potter at the helm, they are sure to go far, he has a vocal range to be envious of. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys.

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs are a singer-songwriter duo of brothers from Bristol. Lawrence and Adam Purnell make beautiful indie inspired folk music. They even opened Glastonbury music festival this year. Yes, you hear me right! THE Glastonbury music festival! They have just released an EP, entitled the Sweet FA 2012 EP, which is now available for free download on their soundcloud here. With vocals that just melt like honey on your ears and heart warming melodies, Foreign Affairs are just the comforting hug you need when you’ve had a bad day or just want to take some time out, put their songs on and enjoy, you’ll be feeling happy in no time. There is so much passion in their music, which makes it even more special and along with that comes the passion and hunger for life, sparking the revelries that only folk music can evoke in you.

Charlotte Holroyd
Editor, Creator and Founder of Bitter Sweet Symphonies. A lover of music and cinema, who's constantly attending gigs and in search of a great experience.

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