EP REVIEW: Kolorsol – ‘Kolorsol’

Kolorsol are a four-piece roots, rock band from Brisbane, Australia. They are Damien Robertson (vocals, guitar, songwriter), Ashleigh Slattery (vocals/songwriter), Ben Lane (bass) and Pat Buck (drums). They have just recently released their début self-titled EP and are currently heating up the music scene back home in Australia.

Opening track, Be Mine Tonight, is a soulful melodious tune with a bluesy feel to it. A strong track to kick the EP off with, the male/female vocals immediately become apparent and hit the ground running, their voices meld so perfectly together, you would think they were made for each other. They bring so much fun energy to the song, it makes it even more vibrant.

Next track, You Like Me, is a more folk oriented track, a mellow vibe that fits just perfectly on the EP. With an emphasis on the vocals here, this track is magical, a song about a one-of-a-kind love and the happiness that comes along with that. Track three, Cool Me Down, the stand out track for me, with funky bass lines and guitar riffs it is a really special song. Cool Me Down is a song that just melts on your ears, it’s lush rhythms and soul takes the EP to another level. A song that celebrates the burgeoning feelings of a couple in love.

Kolorsol are not unlike local Manchester band, The Hymek Manoeuvre, both bands are pretty unique in their own ways and are both sure to go far.

The final track, Until You Leave picks up the pace with a thumping drum beat and pulsating guitar riffs that dance around your head, Slattery takes a vocal stance that easily echoes Beth Ditto (Gossip) by the way she commands the song, a great track to end a fabulous EP on. They are the soulful injection that you need in your life, a really lovely band.




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