LIVE REVIEW: Scruff of the Neck’s Pop-Up Festival 2013

We headed down to Scruff of the Neck’s Pop-Up summer festival and may I say what a great event it was, very well run and managed like any Scruff of the Neck event, but also at the perfect venue, the King’s Ransom pub in Sale. They couldn’t have picked a finer day for it either, it was lovely and sunny, and just the perfect weather for a good music festival.

Like at every Scruff of the Neck event, they had an acoustic stage and a live electric stage, which you can’t complain at, it means everything can run smoothly and into one, so there’s no gaps in the music, when a band has finished on the acoustic stage, it then swiftly moves on to the next act on the other stage. Anyway, let’s talk about the music.

They had a whole heap of great Manchester talent and local talent from the Trafford area, making it a very diverse and enjoyable festival for all. The festival was packed throughout the day, and it seemed like everyone was enjoying themselves.

First up, I saw Mercury Field, who are a band that know how to put on a good live show, they are consummate pros. Their set proved to be an explosive, loud, heavy dose of rock n roll, which goes down very well, like a tablespoon of honey. They are truly ones to watch and let me tell now; if you haven’t seen them live before, then you are truly missing out.

Next up was The Hymek Manoeuvre who I’ve been hearing lots of good things about recently, but I’d never got the chance to see them live before, so that was nice in itself.  They are a band that are very refreshing to see, with two lead female vocalists and a male vocalist too, they are very enticing. A Scruff of the Neck artist themselves, they are a band to be very proud of, their blend of folk, funk inspired rock, really is a breath of fresh air. They are a band that can’t be boxed into one genre and can’t be compared to any other band either, true musicians and they produce great music to boot.

Matt Fryers was next, he was just a delight. A man with real vocal ability that can create the best atmosphere, though his set was filled with a lot of covers, rather than his own material. He really made an impact on me. A truly special acoustic act, that I’m sure will go far. Then, I moved back over to the ‘Beached’ stage, where I saw Rawcuss, a great band.  Their blend of indie, punk rock is brilliant and perfect for a summer’s day.

Minor Blues...Courtesy of Charlotte Holroyd

Minor Blues were the next band I saw. A band that are well and truly great, their live set was the highlight of the day for me, their bluesy rock, really makes a statement and stands out from the pack. A band that work collectively well together, and feed off each other’s energy and rhythm. I highly suggest checking these guys out if you haven’t already, a truly remarkable, unique band that are sure to go far.  Next up was Chaddy. A man with true fight that comes through like a lightning bolt in his songwriting, a songwriter that could, in my opinion, rival Noel Gallagher. A true star and a talented musician, not only did he play his guitar but he also plays harmonica.  He is the true soul and voice of Manchester, check him out now, Stephen Chadwick is the name you need to remember.

Chaddy...Courtesy of Charlotte Holroyd

Last but certainly not least, I saw Ruby Tuesday. A band that are on fire, they really know how to catch a crowd’s attention and they certainly didn’t disappoint tonight. They came out all guns blazing and sailed through their set with ease, their live sets are what they thrive for, a truly great live duo, couldn’t rate them any higher. They dedicated a song to a man in green that was standing across on the opposite side of the canal from the festival, just to spread the love, he was captivated by what he was hearing from Ruby Tuesday as we all were.

Ruby Tuesday 1 Ruby Tuesday
Courtesy of Trust a Fox Photo

I can’t emphasise it enough, though, what a great festival it was, and I only had a glimpse of it. There was plenty more musical goodness to be consumed that I didn’t get a chance to see or hear, but like I say, check out these bands and support your local music scene, you never know what you might find.

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