EP REVIEW: Two Eyes – ‘Two Eyes’

This Manchester based, psychedelic rock four piece, consisting of Andy Fidler (Vocals), Jimmy Wraylang (Guitar), Sam Oliver (Bass) and Kevin Travis (Drums), are simply magnificent. They are true musicians and truly talented, they make some of the best music Manchester has to offer. Read on to hear my review of their recent self-titled EP, Two Eyes

The EP kicks off with Dr Luke, a stomping tune, that has a groove that won’t quit with the staple, repetitive lyric “I’m out my mind” it’s unstoppable. Armed with smooth, raging guitar riffs and explosive drums that race and surge into a melting pot of sweet musical goodness. Dr Luke is one hell of an opening track.

We then move swiftly into Dusty Buttons, a track that dances around in your mind, with a verse that won’t quit and a simply sublime chorus. Dusty Buttons is an instantly catchy tune. A gorgeous blend of sailing guitars and drums, Fidler’s vocals rest delicately on these killer melodies, making it another stand out track.

Track three, Super Rainbow, throws you off the scent a little, going back to the classic rock n roll roots of psychedelica. A song that would give Temples a run for their money, a heavier track than the previous two with purposeful and swirling vocals, this song is another great. The final track on the EP, Glass Castle, is a mellow, “spiralling into darkness” type of track, but still keeping that sense of optimism at it’s heart. It may be a slightly depressing way to end the EP on, but nonetheless, it might possibly be my favourite song off the EP. In keeping with classic psychedelica, but still very refreshing. 

This EP has no faults, in my eyes. A beauty straight the way through. Expect big things for these guys in the future, listen to the full EP below, and go buy yourself a copy. Words cannot express how much I love these guys, just brilliant.




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