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SONG OF THE WEEK: Strangers – ‘Sense Of Liberty’

Strangers have just released their newest single for free download, entitled Sense of Liberty. After the dust has settled on their most recent offering, Strangers have come back and given us Something New…I know bad pun, right? I was trying to avoid using that, but there you go anyway. Check out Sense of Liberty below to see for yourselves, and feel free to download it here, after all it is free. 

Sense of Liberty proves to be another classic, Strangers can do no wrong, in my opinion. A great combination of soaring vocals, exuberant beats and the catchy, melodious sound that we love about Strangers. This song is a slight change of pace for Strangers, heading slightly further away from the darker, intense melancholic sounds we expect to hear from them, and moving towards a more brighter, dancier sound. Either way, you can’t fault Strangers, a truly remarkable band.

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