Road To Sŵn Festival // LICE

Our path towards Sŵn Festival, the multi-venue festival that is going to take over the Cardiff music scene for the weekend of 18th, 19th and 20th October, touches base in neighbouring Bristol yet again, as I discuss musical oddities, the state of the post-punk scene and dark humour with Alastair Shuttleworth, vocalist for self-described satirical […]


In Conversation With… KING CHARLES

King Charles has always been enigmatic – never directly definable. His music, his image, his style (even his hair), forever transforming and renewing. The 2012 debut album, LoveBlood introduced a debonair, characterful performer with a touch of the eccentric, flash forward to 2016’s follow up, Gamble for A Rose and a completely different scene and […]


In Conversation With… ALICE MERTON

Alice Merton released her debut album in January 2019, it’s a powerful mix of personal and relatable music that acts as a vibrant beacon for the artist to tell her story. Through emotionally-succinct and intensely rhythmic means, ‘Mint’ wields a strong sense of defiant resilience and upbeat motivation. It’s a record to embrace fully, or […]


In Conversation With… APRE

London-spawned APRE join a host of rising voices on the UK scene, but few are as uniquely exciting as this band. So, what is so special about the music they make? Simply defined, its modernist pop with heaps of character and cool, yet this description is far too meagre to fully envisage the nuanced, subversive […]


In Conversation With… HATCHIE

Hatchie is the musical alias of Harriette Pilbeam, under this nom de plume the artist has released a clutch of stellar tracks, each slightly more evocative than the last and becoming of a vital voice. Her writing centres on the introspective buoyed by threads of youthful experience and complicated love. The project was officially christened […]