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TRACK OF THE DAY: lilo – ‘Change’

If you want a song to puncture the pressure, to soften the stress or assuage the anxiety, lilo deliver it here in less than three minutes of feather-light beauty.

It’s a debut single of arresting, intimate gorgeousness, held together by weightless harmonies born out of years of friendship between the London-based duo of Christie Gardner and Helen Dixon who met at school in Winchester, a decade ago.

’Change’ was written in 2020 during lockdown, and was important in allowing us to bridge the physical gap between the two of us; the piano and guitar parts intertwine, facilitating a sense of connectedness during what was generally a very isolating time.

It defies the listener to do anything more than sit back, close their eyes and immerse themselves in the calm of the moment before emerging enriched and uplifted by the experience.

Lyrically, they say: “’Change’ is about the experience of knowing that something that you want might not be what is best for you. It’s about pushing your boundaries just to find that you’ve pushed them too far.

There’s a promise that future lilo material will showcase a more band-driven direction but, for now, this is a lovely place to get to know them for the first time. Once again, quiet is the new loud.

‘Change’ is out now via Practise Music – available to Stream/Purchase here.

Photo Credit: Lillian Davies

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