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Sounding at first like Nirvana’s ‘All Apologies’ wired with an extra shot of caffeine, it’s all about the voice to begin with, intoning “Casual sex makes me feel depressed…

And what follows is an exploration of a relationship that only exists for one reason and is really just a disappointing one-way street heading nowhere.

It’s got that familiar quiet to loud dynamic beloved of the Pixies, with huge, grinding guitars and vocals which put you in mind of Lily Allen at her most acerbic – all adding up to a winning alt-rock track that hints at a bigger future.

As a second single, it’s quite a statement for Southend based multi-instrumentalist Frances Murray, aka BLAB. She made waves with her debut, ‘R.I.P.’, last year, and there’s no likelihood of those waves becoming becalmed on the back of this release, of which she says, “Instrumentally and lyrically I love it, it’s one of my favourite songs I’ve written to date; honest, hard-hitting and hooky.”

And that’s a more than fair summing up. The lyrics tell it like it is, and the tune gets a good grip and will not let go. It’ll be fascinating to hear what comes next.

‘Casual Sex’ is out now via Cool Thing Records – available to Stream/Purchase here.

Photo Credit: James Manion

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