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TRACK OF THE DAY: Café Spice – ‘She Loves And Leaves’

Manchester-based trio Café Spice, fresh off a signing with Liverpool indie label, Snide Records, are back with a new harmony-soaked ballad, ‘She Loves and Leaves’. To be direct, it’s as warm and comforting as french toast.

The song tells a story of happy drifting, of a girl who seems to find happiness in uncertainty, one who wants and needs but never settles, always moving onward. It’s a sad subject sung with a smile and certainty. Effortless and gentle, ‘She Loves and Leaves’ is incredibly serene from the first note.

It has a relatively sparse arrangement, just guitar, bass and drums with little affectation. But the vocals, oh those vocals, are rich and velvety and seem to fill every gap in your soul with sweetness and joy. Their voices have always been the greatest weapon in the band’s arsenal and they use them here to beautifully devastating effect. You can keep your Haim, you can keep your First Aid Kit, Café Spice are just better. This track is a real testament to Georgia, Niamh and Eleanor’s chemistry.

Listening to this song is a journey that carries us to the highest peaks and the lowest valleys, swooping and diving with the ‘storm in a bottle’ personality of its protagonist. The middle eight is powerful but understated, channelling Lianne La Havas, and everything flows without a second’s hesitation. You’d be hard pressed to find anything to dislike in this gorgeous story.

Though it coincides with the bittersweet departure of founding member Eleanor Lang, ‘She Loves and Leaves marks a point of exciting innovation for Café Spice as they serenade their way into the future. It’s a new beginning from a band that should be watched with eager anticipation.

‘She Loves and Leaves’ is out now on Snide Records – available to Stream/Purchase here.

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