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TRACK OF THE DAY: Lindsay Munroe – ‘Mirror’

There is nothing like a fresh start. After clearing out her back catalogue, Lindsay Munroe now has a clean slate to build a new sound. And ‘Mirror’ is a great starting point. It’s a solid little track, but I can’t help but feel it could have been a little more.

The arrangement is barebones. For percussion, there’s some tom drums, a kick and a snare. It feels tribal, visceral. I love how much it does with so little. The guitar is woofy, spacious. It’s filled with space and throat. It sounds solid.

Lindsay’s vocals are smooth yet smoky. Nothing flamboyant, but contains great character. Her delivery is natural and the lyrics are straight-forward. “I knew just who I was meant to be, with a world based on insecurities.” It’s a song about expectations placed on women, but there are some really universal themes here. The lyrics aren’t hard to sing, or to remember. That feels like a deliberate move. And I liked that.

My biggest problem with this track is that I feel something is missing. I think it’s a solid track, but it’s not extraordinary. The whole track is very straight, conventional. There were no surprises listening to it. I get the feeling that Munroe has got more to give. And I think she can. I think Lindsay has some more ideas to share, and I want to hear them. You should too.

‘Mirror’ is out now – available to Stream/Purchase here. Catch Lindsay Munroe live in Manchester and London this May, tickets can be found here.

Photo Credit: Billy Holmes

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One thought on “TRACK OF THE DAY: Lindsay Munroe – ‘Mirror’

  1. I can’t get over Lindsay Munroe’s vocals on this track! There’s just something about her tone and the richness in her voice that makes the lyrics hit 10x harder. Absolutely captivating!

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