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TRACK OF THE DAY: Talk Show – ‘Banshee’

Talk Show have revealed the first single for their upcoming EP, and if this is setting the tone for what is to come, it promises to be a truly explosive release. ‘Banshee‘ is not wailing and desolate as the title might suggest – on the contrary, it’s a powerful, high-energy track which starts with a relentless pulse of drums and never slows down, only growing in pace and intensity from there. Even when the song pauses to figuratively catch its breath, Harrison Swann’s passionate, snarly delivery keeps the tension high.

There is a sincerity of feeling in ‘Banshee’ that contributes in great part to make the song as impactful as it is. The lyrics have a vividness of imagery that takes nothing away from the direct language they use, describing harsh and painful, and all too familiar, feelings without sparing themselves anything. “I had a dream we were dancing in the dark together, waltzing holding hands forever,” the song repeats at its most pivotal points, and in this image there is the core feeling around which it is all built. There is a hefty punch in the lyrics that matches the one conveyed by the music perfectly, giving the song a weight that is often missing in tracks addressing these same themes.

It is also a track dense with musical suggestions, going as far back as the later ’70s and ’80s (if you’re hearing something of the New Romantics in it, particularly in the distinctive vocal delivery, you are not wrong). Even so, it displays what is probably, at this point, Talk Show’s strongest suit: the way they have, so early in their career, already honed their sound so that, even with all the rough edges still to be smoothed, their voice comes through loud and clear. Most importantly, it comes through recognisable, and that’s what makes it stand out.

‘Banshee’ is passionate, sincere, with moments of remarkable musical finesse, and the kind of song that should belong in the charts. If the EP manages to maintain this same level of focus and internal cohesion, it could very well be one of the most impressive short players of the new year.

Talk Show’s forthcoming EP, These People, is scheduled for release on 27th March via Council Records. Pre-Order the vinyl here.

Photo Credit: Matt Wilder

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