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INTRODUCING: Bekah Bossard

When was the last time you felt hugged by a song? Felt the warmth of the words, the gentleness of a guitar… just engulf you. Well, look no further. We’ve found a song that does just that.

Debut single, ‘San Diego‘ by up and coming artist, Bekah Bossard is a dreamy indie-pop infused track that casts you into another realm.

The studio version of the song is kept stripped from unnecessary instruments, so that ethereal tone of Bossard’s voice can properly shine through and the lyrics work their magic. Its hypnotic pull lulls you in and keeps you hooked. Produced by Tim Barton and Abi Simmons, Bossard is vocally backed by Bella Barton. ‘San Diego’ is a track about “embracing the feeling of being completely at home with [a person] whilst also learning to be at peace with losing it.” It’s honest and raw. Vulnerable and sad but hopeful too.  

And that rawness, is further displayed in the acoustic version of the song. In the video, Bossard stands alone in a wheat field. Just herself and a guitar. Watching her stand there and sing, you’re firmly transported into that landscape. You can feel the radiance of that late summer afternoon. Feel a slight airy breeze. Hear the birds chime in.

Funnily enough, Bekah Bossard herself originates from California but fares from the South West of England – ultimately finding a new home in London. From the age of 13, she’s been writing songs and playing the guitar. And it’s the writing and the power of words that have always been of great importance to her – “[recollecting] memories of writing poetry since [being able to] string a sentence together,” states the song’s press release.

‘San Diego’ marks Bossard’s first single. One she needed to “get [it] right,” explaining “it feels terrifying to be so vulnerable but pushing through the fear to create a connection with people through my music makes it all worth it.”

But the wait’s been worth it. So, listen up and dream away.

‘San Diego’ is out now – available to Stream/Purchase here.

Discover more of Bekah Bossard via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Marla Geesing
Music writer with a love for honest lyrics – and may have a serious concert addiction. Based in Germany.

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