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TRACK OF THE DAY: The Golden Age Of TV – ‘Caught in Doors’

Having been busy touring with the likes of Another Sky and Little Comets, The Golden Age of TV have finally sat down, pulled out their tray tables, and tucked into another studio session, the result of which being this, their third major single ‘Caught in Doors.’ The Leeds based group have previously wowed us with their single ‘Dust,’ and wowed plenty of gig-goers with their tight sets, busy arrangements and penchant for old woes morphed with angular modern noise.

‘Caught in Doors’ continues the band’s streak of high volume power pop, with the fury bolstered further by Lee Smith and Jamie Lockhart’s production. The lyrics muse upon the desire and feelings induced by transformations, be they physical, geographical or emotional. The vocals sit like a delicate fog over a bustling city. Meanwhile, on the streets below, semi-tonal guitars fidget, clattering drums thrash, and the spunky bass jaywalks across a road with its trousers down. All this to say that the track is rife with characters, energy and chaos. In particular, the guitar interplay evokes First Impressions of Earth-era The Strokes, an album that, like this track, pushed the band’s pre-existing boundaries in a new direction, with mixed results.

The track, whilst formidably well performed, doesn’t have the same instantaneous impact as previous releases. The chorus feels like a build to something greater that doesn’t quite arrive. The middle section after the chorus has a lot happening, a lot of coming and going. Although it’s exciting, it feels unfocussed without a seriously heavy hook to anchor it. The powder is dry, the gun gives a good recoil and a lot of oomph, but it isn’t precise. However, this doesn’t detract from the song’s positives. It’s lyrically astute, conjuring up images of horror favourite The Ring, of Samara-esque characters shaving their lustrous locks to nothing. I guess as a band with TV in the name, it would make sense that their lyrics are so visual. What’s more, the sound of everything on the track is fabulous; rich and multilayered with a tonal crunch like autumn leaves.

Overall, whilst some arrangement choices may not always stick in the mind, ‘Caught in Doors’ remains fierce and powerful, and the band seem poised to leap headfirst into a more ambitious undertaking. Their debut EP should be on your wishlist. The Golden Age Of TV remain a band to pay close attention to, and are one of Leeds’ strongest musical offerings of the last few years.

‘Caught in Doors’ is out now – available to stream here. Catch the band performing live at The Polar Bear in Hull tomorrow night, 12th November.

Photo Credit: Andrew Benge

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