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TRACK OF THE DAY: Eliza Shaddad – ‘Girls’

Let’s be honest. Adulting is hard. Wake, work, sleep, repeat. Don’t we all long for the simplicity of childhood times? Or at least for the friends and the bond of friendships we had then? They seemed a lot calmer, however, also much more intense. But honest. Well, Eliza Shaddad has managed to create a powerful little ode honouring just that. 

With her new track ‘Girls,’ Shaddad not only sings about one of her oldest friends but also paints a picture of how life at an all girls school felt like: “It lays bare how scary it was, standing on the sidelines, growing older, watching someone deal with some insanely hard human experiences, unable to find a way to connect with them about it,” the singer-songwriter explains. 

And it’s really the lyrics that make the song. The images it conjures up have you reminiscing one’s own childhood/teenage girl friendships. How they shape but also scar you for life – in a positive sense. The war between loving someone so intensely but also loathing them to bits. So much so, you know them inside and out. Know if they’re happy. Know if they’re miserable. Know if they’re lying to you. 

Musically, ‘Girls’ is a change from her previous works – especially in comparison to her probably most played track ‘Goes to Show’ – but after letting the song wash over you, it’s truly captivating. ‘Girls’ feels like this dreamy autumnal anthem, with a gradual start but a powerful build up – reminiscent to works by Bryde or Daughter. 

It’s a mesmerising single and definitely leaves us anxious to hear the rest of the upcoming EP – due to be released early next year. And if that’s not enough to satisfy, Eliza is also confirmed to play a show in association with Big Indie Records, in partnership with The Line of Best Fit, on 6th November at Pop Brixton.

Eliza Shaddad’s ‘Girls’ is out now via Big Indie Records – available to Stream/Purchase here

Photo Credit: Mel Tjoeng

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