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TRACK OF THE DAY: The Elephant Trees – ‘Idiot’

I normally review more chilled stuff here on BSS. But when this landed in my inbox, I had to say something about it. The Elephant Trees remind me that rock music is alive and well. ‘Idiot’ is their latest single, and it’s a feisty, full-on anthem. I love it. I think you will too.

The whole track is really punchy! The guitar, the bass, the drums; they all have so much attitude. You can hear the snap of strings in every bar, the crack of the drum skins. The production takes it to another level. There’s so much energy buzzing around that you get going before the verse kicks in.

It’s a great track to analyse too. There’s a lot going on musically. The way the drums and strings interact, they’re integral to the track. The main riff wouldn’t work if you got rid of any part. To me, that was a great sign. It’s what got me hooked. Respect for that.

The lyrics are equally impressive. The track is about falling for someone far too quickly. “Kiss me quick, get over it. Singing don’t be such an…” It’s full of great hooks and lines. I could listen to it on repeat just for the lyrics.

The Elephant Trees have gone straight on my daily playlist. They’ve got something they want to say. And they’re good at saying it, cos you want to listen to it again, and again. Give them a go, you won’t be disappointed.

The Elephant Trees are booked to play Bingley Weekender, Saturday 31st August (tickets), and later in the year they’re touring the UK with dates in Manchester, London, Nottingham and Leeds. More info here.

Find The Elephant Trees on Facebook and Twitter.

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