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TRACK OF THE DAY: Dom Major – ‘Drive Slow’

There’s nothing like a driving anthem. I’m sure Dom Major was thinking that when he recorded his latest song. His new single ‘Drive Slow’ is an arm-hanging-out-the-window kind of tune. It’s a neat track.

The track is rooted in Indie Rock and Folk. The guitars are spaced out, there’s reverb everywhere. There’s so much space, so much atmosphere. There’s a drum and bass pounding out a steady beat. It all comes together to make a laid-back drive-along track. I dig it.

Major’s vocals are smooth, understated. They’re not remarkable, but the lyrics are much more important. It’s a song about feeling lost and small in a big world. Major is a good wordsmith, painting pictures in a sentence. “There’s a light on by the stereo, but the music stopped ‘bout an hour ago.” Neat line.

The guitar solo is noteworthy too. No one does a decent guitar solo these days, apart from Dom Major. Bonus points from a fellow guitarist, for a short-and-sweet solo that really fits in with the rest of the track.

I’m going to keep an eye on Dom Major. He’s slowly building a signature sound. He’s the sensitive, warm songwriter who sings about the struggle of life. He’s right up my street. I think you’ll like him too.

‘Drive Slow’ is out now on Babywoman Records – available Stream/Purchase here.

Find Dom Major on Facebook and Twitter.

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