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TRACK OF THE DAY: Luke De-Sciscio – ‘R.O.B.Y.N.’

We all want to take a break from real life sometimes, get some air. Luke De-Sciscio shows you to the exit and holds the door open until you’re back. He’s released another single, ‘R.O.B.Y.N,’ an intimate, delicate song that will make you forget the day before you know it. Your own musical stress-ball.

The track is delicate. Just a vocalist and a nylon string guitar (I forget how nice they sound). You can tell that De-Sciscio has some interest in Spanish guitar music. The arpeggiated guitar line is gorgeous. It’s breezy, like a branch in the wind. Very attractive.

The vocals are also a highlight. De-Sciscio has been blessed with a soft, angelic voice. You never hear him raise his voice, but you can tell he’s giving everything. His falsetto is effortless.

The dynamics stand out as well. It already feels airy, with only a guitar and a voice. But De-Sciscio is unafraid to add big pauses, just to keep you waiting. It’s like the whole song is breathing, in-and-out. Love it.

And there’s a B-side too. ‘Birds in Reverse’ is more upbeat, but just as attractive. It’s a fun listen, and a nice spin on what he did before. A fine track to compliment the A-side. It’s also nice to see someone bother with a B-side. I appreciate that.

Luke De-Sciscio is a pat on the back. If you want to leave everything behind for a minute, just look him up. And do yourself a favour? Listen to his back catalogue too. It’s more of the same, and it’s all just as good.

Luke De-Sciscio’s new double release is available to purchase on iTunes, here.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Randene

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