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TRACK OF THE DAY: Hurricane Roses – ‘Best Dress’

We all get reminiscent now and then. Hurricane Roses must have missed being a band. After four years away, they have reunited. They dream about what things were like before in their new single. ‘Best Dress’ (a cover of the Damien Jurado song) is a longing call to a time long-gone, and I’m curious to see what the band does next.

The composition is simple. There’s no games or tricks really. There’s a kick, a snare, a guitar and a little ambience. Nothing groundbreaking, but it doesn’t need to be. It sets an earthy scene so well. It’s just what’s needed.

The composition makes room for the vocals. They hit you straight away. “Hey now, put your best dress on.” It feels like a battle cry. A call-to-action to remember how things were before. It’s the sort of lyrics that you impart your own meaning to. The lyrics become your story, rather than someone else’s. And I really like that.

I love the dynamics in the track. Hurricane Roses know how to use empty space, and how to contrast it with vocal duets and sudden crescendos. It was great to hear a band that show such control over how they play. Worth listening to if you want to hear something a little different.

I must admit, when I heard the headline; ‘band reunites after hiatus,’ I thought of the clichés. But then when I started listening, I found a loud and proud rock band that knows who they are. ‘Best Dress’ is infectious. It gets into you. And I’m left wondering: will their next song be just as contagious?

Hurricane Roses’ take on Damien Jurado’s ‘Best Dress’ is available to Stream/Purchase now.

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