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TRACK OF THE DAY: Vivienne Chi – ‘Woman’

London based alt-pop songwriter Vivienne Chi has once again delivered a phenomenal track in ‘Woman;’ a commentary on stereotypes and gender. Opening with bluesy guitar riffs and hard-hitting drum beats, Vivienne Chi’s raspy, unique vocals and harmonies intertwine with the melodies and groove to create a fantastic track.

Having previously collaborated with Harry Wolfman and GRADES, as well as her experience in London’s live music scene, Vivienne Chi is already making waves in the music industry.

Delving into the beginnings of ‘Woman,’ Vivienne explains: “’Woman’ emerged from a jam session with my band, it’s an angsty breakup record which explores the frustration we experience when we accidentally, absentmindedly slip into playing a role or character we never thought we would identify with or become. The chorus expresses an awakening from this state.”

‘Woman’ is available to Stream/Purchase here.

Find Vivienne Chi on Facebook and Twitter.

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