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TRACK OF THE DAY: Rosie Carney – ‘Orchid’

Sometimes, song-writing is therapy. There’s a song you have to write to get out your head, regardless of if anyone will truly understand it. ‘Orchid’ feels like a therapy session, a cathartic release of the past in song form. It’s taken from Rosie Carney’s upcoming album Bare, out January 25th, and it is a textbook example of elegance.

The guitar sets the scene. The 6/8 beat makes the whole song sway. The I-VI-V progression in the verses builds a tension, and it is so satisfying when it’s released in the chorus. The rest of the track builds so carefully I can tell there was a lot of thought put into the composition. I respect that.

And on that note, whoever arranged the string section should get an award. The bridge is so simple, yet somehow so timeless. It says something words can’t. A fantastic reminder of why everyone should love a string section, and without doubt the highlight of the track.

Carney’s voice is also very attractive. Showing such dynamics while singing so softly is a testament to her control. Big respect. The lyrics she sings however are the mystery. They’re symbolic hieroglyphs talking about an eponymous orchid and gathering stones to replace bones. I get the sense they mean an extraordinary amount to Carney, but they were also an enigma to me as a listener.

But like I said before, maybe that’s the point. Maybe the song is therapy. A way to say the things Carney never could. Music can do that. And if you’re looking for your own therapy session ‘Orchid’ might be the song for you.

‘Orchid’ will feature on Rosie Carney’s upcoming album, Bare, released through Akira Records. You can stream and purchase the track here.

Rosie Carney’s upcoming tour dates, are as follows:

Oct 25 – Brussels – Ancienne Belgique
Nov 05 – Amsterdam – Roode Bioscoop
Nov 07 – Dortmund – FZW
Nov 08 – Berlin – Urban Spree
Nov 09 – Munich – Heppel & Ettlich
Nov 11 – Baden – Royal Baden
Nov 12 – Winterthur – Salzhaus Winterthur
Nov 15 – London – Oslo Hackney
Nov 16 – Bristol – Rough Trade Bristol
Nov 28 – Barcelona – Sidecar, Barcelona
Nov 29 – Madrid – Costello Club
Dec 01 – San Sebastian – Convent Garden

Photo Credit: Daniel Alexander Harris

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