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TRACK OF THE DAY: Melanie Baker – ‘False Fantasies’

Melanie Baker recently spent time in Nashville, a statement of intent for many up-and-coming songwriters. She’s returned home to the Lake District to write her most recent EP Dreamer, being released this Friday (28th September). ‘False Fantasies’ is the first single from the EP, and it sends a clear message: her music is vulnerable yet unashamed.

The whole track is a shining example of how to use dynamics. The track swells from a shy, introverted piano introduction to a stirring and elegant finale, complete with a string section and three-part harmony backing vocals. There is also a certain restraint throughout, like Baker could have added more but chose not to. I think she knew when to say ‘stop’ on this track, and it’s all the better for it.

Baker’s vocals have shades of Dodie Clark and Gabrielle Aplin, sweet yet shy. Too shy perhaps at times, as I had trouble picking out some lyrics in the verses. But that might be part of the point. She admits the track is a retrospective review of her first love. She bemoans in the chorus that “the space in your bed was never meant for me.” It’s a mellow delivery for a mellow subject, but I do think the song’s message wouldn’t have been hurt by better projection.

Nevertheless, ‘False Fantasies’ is a reminder of why the duet of piano and vocals is so timeless. I enjoyed it, and I’m personally going to give Dreamer a good listen when it comes out on Friday.

‘False Fantasies’ features on Melanie Baker’s new EP ‘Dreamer,’ due for release on Friday 26th September. Pre-Order exclusive physical copies of the record here.

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