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TRACK OF THE DAY: FEWS – ‘Business Man’

A little bit of Gang of Four-style guitar clang, a cough and an intro classically ushered in by four drumstick clicks – then BOOM.

FEWS storm back with a proper thumper, harnessing the driving simplicity of the best of The Fall to a compellingly dynamic tune that demands to be heard live.

It’s a coruscating look at the futility of modern life expressed by the band as being about people who do their best to please the boss during the week, then burnout before realising the system will have them trudging the same path year after year.

Released through Play It Again Sam, ‘Business Man‘ follows a self-imposed hiatus of sorts, one that has seen them writing and demoing new material – utilising the local studio of friend / producer Joakim Lindberg whilst also recently making a quiet return in the UK from their Malmö base with low-key and rapturously received shows in London and Brighton.

And if ‘Business Man’ is a marker for what’s coming on their follow-up to 2016’s debut album, Means, then rapturous receptions might be the norm rather than the exception.

There’s been talk previously of FEWS and Interpol being a close match, but this is dirtier and grittier than their New York cousins with maybe only the propulsive bassline helping the comparison.

For UK fans there’s a chance to catch them at London’s Boston Music Room on October 26th.

The new single ‘Business Man’ is out now – available on iTunes here.

Photo Credit: Marieke Macklon

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