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TRACK OF THE DAY: Margot – ‘Tired’

The gentile nature of this jangling beast whimsically flows throughout my headspace, it is the new single from London-based Margot. The five-piece craft music of sensuality and calmness; permeating their third release is a sleek bed of gossamer synth work and melodic guitars that create an atmosphere of free flowing idyllics and late summertime frolics.

The musical arrangement of chorus-filled guitars and a steady rhythm section compliment each other well, no-one’s trying to outcompete one another, which is a rarity. When the strings come in, it adds tenderness to the lyrics, it’s a nice touch, not too over the top but definitely enhances the strength of the middle 8. If the strings hadn’t had been in the song, I don’t think the middle 8/bridge would’ve had that much of an impact on me. The lyrics are quaint, when I can understand them. I’m struggling to hear clarity in vocals at the moment it might be a stylistic choice, but, surely if you’ve endured the heartbreak, rejoiced over the happy times, at least let us understand them?

If I’m correct, previous to Margot the group assumed the moniker Alphaduka, their song ‘Re-Animator’ was something special indeed, ‘Tired’ is equally as special but in a different way, trying to compare the two would be a rookie mistake. Nevertheless, I’m glad they’re back and giving us new material.

The new single ‘Tired’ is out now – available to purchase on iTunes here. Catch the band live on 3rd August at Off the Cuff – more details can be found here.

Photo Credit: Kelly Fung

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