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TRACK OF THE DAY: Junodream – ‘Fire Doors’

“F***ing hell, this is…this is really s****ing good,” was the response of my oldest friend when he overheard me listening to Junodream’s new single. I could just leave it at that, and those words would sum up my feelings equally accurately, but I feel like a band such as Junodream deserve more than to be associated with the hackneyed expletives of a 20 year old sofa-masturbator.

Blending Radiohead-esque, Verve-ish rock with the classic trip-hop of the late nineties, ‘Fire Doors’ is testament to the benefits of taking the time to perfect your craft.

Having spent, what seems to be the majority of their formative years growing up and playing music together on the fringes of our nation’s capital, it’s unsurprising that there’s a real sense of precision running throughout this track. Whether it’s the fluorescent, serrated guitar lines, or pulsating vocal performance, each element of ‘Fire Doors’ has been meticulously patterned and structured, allowing it to exude a quietly explosive contemporary urgency.

It is a song which seems to negate all that is static and stagnant, wriggling and jittering its way into your frontal lobe and busting it wide open. I mean God damn, just check out ‘Fire Doors’ below. You won’t regret it.

‘Fire Doors’ will be available on all digital services from 2nd July.

Photo Credit: Fred Wilkinson

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