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TRACK OF THE DAY: Melby – ‘Reject’

Stockholm quartet Melby bring a shimmering frantic energy to their new track ‘Reject‘. Launching into its main groove with little in the way of pomp and circumstance, the fast bass, erratic shaker percussion and clean guitar lines immediately showcase the track’s simple, no holds barred vibe, a reflective of a band with similar attitudes.

Another addition to the current crop of glitzy, sad sounding indie pop songs, ‘Reject’ has much in common with its contemporaries, in parts gentle and uplifting, with short stabs of the sinister for colour. Choruses and verses glide into one another with ease, interlocking discreetly and stubbornly maintaining a firm groove. The song is simple. The riff is established early and merely builds in layers throughout the rest of the track, with the Jehnny Beth-like vocal delivery intoning over the instrumental.

The instrumentation is rich and glittery whilst being strangely angular, apart from moments where a swell of flanged guitars intercepts and smooths out the texture. However, despite the track’s tight performance, there’s a missed opportunity for more instrumental variety, an acoustic jangling here and there, maybe a few soft synth lines to make the transitions between verse and chorus more distinct, more special.

A strong throwaway track with lots of potential, backed by a tight as hell band, with some winning moments and a great rhythm section, that just needs something extra to take it to the next level.

Melby’s new single ‘Reject’ is out now on Rama Lama Records – Stream/Purchase here.

Photo Credit: Sara Björkegren

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  1. What s the point of having a Twitter share when you click on link in Tweet is says “OOPS SORRY SOUNDCLOUD CANT FIND THAT TRACK”

    1. Very strange! Did you share through the soundcloud embed? Might be an issue on their end.

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