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TRACK OF THE DAY: Oh Joy – ‘Cab Sad’

An expression of rain-hammered window gazes, Irish trio, Oh Joy craft in latest single, ‘Cab Sad’ – a brief moment of the morose, charged by numbed 6/8 lurches and sweeping guitar strokes.

The short track’s slow tempo effects feelings of both the pre-emptive and the final, as the Dublin three-piece, desperate and done, catalogue a moment of hopelessness.

Locking ‘Cab Sad’ in an awkward brevity, the three-piece admirably usurp the typically longer-length expectations of melancholy songs, instead instilling listeners with a jarring discomfort.

Such is the craft of this; the song feels unfinished, as though terminated prematurely by its closing solitary tom strike.

This undoubtedly leaves listeners without total satisfaction. However a precursor to the new EP – Good Grief – ‘Cab Sad’ and its shifting nature undoubtedly set the tone for what to expect from the play.

‘Cab Sad’ features on Oh Joy’s new EP ‘Good Grief’ – available on iTunes here.

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