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TRACK OF THE DAY: JC Stewart – ‘Medicine’

Gentle piano chords introduce JC Stewart’s latest cut, ‘Medicine.’ His voice is soft – a little soulful – it almost feels like he’s singing directly at you, up close and intimate. It certainly has this (good) weird intensity about it that draws a listener in.

The Northern Ireland born singer – who also writes his own music – had this to say about the inspiration behind the song: “’Medicine’ started as a couple of lines in a deleted note on my phone. I went over the chorus melody again and a again for about four months before I figured it out! Over the awe-inspiring setting of building a set of flat pack drawers in a Brighton student house, it just popped into my head and that was really it. It’s a super simple song with real lyrics which is why I think I connect to it so much. 

True, we’ve heard this sort of pop music before. And JC Stewart’s voice does remind me a little of a blend of Zak Abel and (a less whiny) Shawn Mendes. But I really dig it. It’s fair to say that anyone who enjoys their music will probably appreciate JC’s tunes too.

What this song does well – and the reason why I love it – is how all the different elements come together and create a cosy atmosphere: from the pop beats to the growing swells of vocal chorus towards the end, the impact is gradual but deftly executed, allowing JC’s songwriting the space to impact and enchant. Something a lot of new pop songs miss these days, is what sets ‘Medicine’ apart from the rest.

The new single ‘Medicine’ is out now via Sunshine Boy Recordings – available to Stream/Purchase here.

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Marla Geesing
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