WATCH: Polar States – ‘Roads’

Social media is a helpful kick starter these days for any up-and-coming band to share their musical projects and so, grow their fanbases. And the four guys from Polar States have used this to take their music sharing even a little further.

The band from Liverpool decided to send their demos and acoustic sets out privately via Instagram to see how their music went down with their listeners. It was through this, their song ‘Roads‘ was chosen to be the next single. 

It’s their first release with the producer Larry Hibbit (Sundara Karma/ Nothing But Thieves). Their music is described as “being influenced by guitar bands, city life and cinema,” and that’s precisely how the single sounds. A tale seemly about memory lane, the music really reflects the emotions of freedom and rebellion of youth.

Sure, it may not be groundbreakingly brand new but it will definitely bring back nostalgic feelings of 2013’s the 1975, with its accompanying video held in black and white that just screams ‘Chocolate.’

Nonetheless, ‘Roads’ can hold its own with its feel good vibes, a punchy chorus which will get stuck in your head and a crescendo of sound at the end that really drives home the feelings of liberation.

The guys themselves have even said: “The idea of creating our own approach as an unsigned band is really exciting for  us, why would you want to just be yet another indie band hoping people might pay attention? We’re not nearly cool  enough to stand out in that crowd anyway, this is us finding our own crowd.” 

A noble statement to make and with that it’ll be exciting to hear more of what the guys have planned for the future. 

Polar States will play a headline show at Manchester’s Night & Day Cafe on Friday 8th June. More information can be found here.

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Marla Geesing
Music writer with a love for honest lyrics – and may have a serious concert addiction. Based in Germany.

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