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TRACK OF THE DAY: Bdrmm – ‘The Way I Want’

After the critical success of their single Kare, Hull’s finest dream-poppers appear to be on quite the roll. Bdrmm blend the best elements of cinematic, dream-pop and lo-fi music with ease in this curiously uncanny slow-burner. On the surface ‘The Way I Want’ is a meticulously crafted pop tune. However, it still bristles with bdrmm’s characteristic wonkiness.

Ryan Smith’s lyrics shift between ballad-esque tenderness and bold confession, their frequently abstract nature affording an examination of isolation and confusion which avoids anything too syrupy.

Indeed, the track is imbued with an almost ironic, anti-epic quality. As fizzy analogue synth and warm crystalline guitar lines soften into one another, Bdrmm go about conjuring up an ’80s synth-pop nostalgia. However, combined with the refrain “Two missed calls, everybody seems to want me,” they refuse to be blinded by such rose-tinted fixations, ensuring that ‘The Way I Want’ concerns itself with that technologically-induced isolation unique to 21st century.

An irreverent take on the heartfelt pop-ballad, ‘The Way I Want’ is another reason to keep a watchful eye on Bdrmm as they continue to cultivate and expand their sound.

The new single ‘The Way I Want’ is out now – available to purchase on iTunes here.

Photo Credit: Gergia Richards

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