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TRACK OF THE DAY: RAZE – ‘Withers House’

When a band is committed to a genre, and expressing their creativity through this specific gaze, it is important to set the tone from the off – something achieved to great success by South London dream-pop/shoegaze troupe RAZE on new single ‘Withers House.’

The glistening guitars that usher in the near six-minute, quietly exhilarating tune, are textbook examples of the sonic touchstones ‘Withers House’ is built upon. Elements of My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Ride are celebrated, whilst also recalling some of the silkier moments of the vanguard of new dream-pop groups: DIIV, Melody’s Echo Chamber et. al. However this doesn’t mean to say the music here seems merely copy and paste or pastiche – there’s a unique quality present throughout, largely owing to vocalist Sam Kemp’s commanding, reverb drenched vocals – falsetto climaxes knitting together transitions irresistibly.

One final, and somewhat unexpected moment of variety comes during the last minute, when the fuzz is dialed up across all the instrumentation for a killer coda. As ‘Withers House’ wraps itself up, all that’s left are the sonic vapour-trails of delay, reverb and fuzz slowly burning out – one final homage to the giants on who’s shoulders RAZE are perching.

Forming quite the scene with other hazy bands such as Lumer and bdrmm, it’s well worth keeping tabs on this exciting group, and a good place to start is by listening to their latest single ‘Withers House’ below.

Catch RAZE’s next live show on 23rd April at London’s Amersham Arms – ticket and venue information can be found here.

Find RAZE on Facebook.

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