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TRACK OF THE DAY: Bdrmm – ‘Kare’

I first saw Bdrmm in a sweaty, smoke-filled basement in Huddersfield. It was the single-most ethereal and chaotically loud gig ever to be put on next to a deaf institute. It was during this set that I realised Bdrmm were definitely my new favourite band. Blending a powerful combination of lo-fi, slacker-rock and shoegaze, the Hull-based five piece’s new single ‘Kare‘ is the perfect example of why they should be yours too.

Produced with the help of Alex Greaves (Trash, PLAZA, Seeing Hands), ‘Kare’ is the ultimate shoegaze darling. It is butter-thick and honey-sweet. Unlike many present day shoegazers, bdrmm know exactly when and how to unleash or reign in their effects-driven sound .They leave just enough room for their iridescent guitar lines to swirl and churn together as they should, but not at the expense of Ryan Smith’s warm and satisfyingly cyclical vocal melodies. But it is also the constant sense of drive which makes this track such a joy. The rhythm section provide a firm centre-point, around which the rest of the band are able to demonstrate their knack for creating lush and absorbing sonic landscapes.

Having built up a loyal fan-base from scratch, and already causing a stir across the Atlantic, Bdrmm are definitely on to something special.

The band headline the Polar Bear in Hull on 10th April – RSVP here.

Find Bdrmm on Facebook and Twitter.

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