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TRACK OF THE DAY: The Hubbards – ‘Your Love, Your Love (Your Love)’

It is beginning to feel like every time The Hubbards release a song they further solidify a sonic identity that draws on the nuance and character of the great pinked guitar pop of the twentieth century, while (what seems to be effortlessly) shaping it into a personality only they could purvey.

Your Love, Your Love (Your Love)’ is no exception to this progress.

Exploding into the same slacker-shuffle that we’re happy to call a familiarity, the single quickly bursts into a glitter-ball dialogue of guitar-string-drum-strike, as the quartet base a woozing underbelly of bass and drum grunge foundations for the involved conversations of twinning guitared harmonies.

The chorus continues these clamouring juxtapositions of rhythmic pound and melodic sincerity, musically concurring with the lyrical claims of Reuben Driver (bass and vocals), uniquely chatty and charactered, yet reinforcing an honesty and intimacy reminiscent of the nineteenth-century Romantics.

‘Your Love…’ casts a light on the prevailings of friendship and romantic love over the consumptive narcissism with which they are so often replaced, as The Hubbards illuminate the purity of personality in song.

‘Your Love, Your Love (Your Love)’ is out now – available to purchase on iTunes here. The Hubbards headline The Victoria in London on 17th March 2018.

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