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TRACK OF THE DAY: Yawwn – ‘Partisan’

London quintet Yawwn engage heartbeats and aqua funk in debut single ‘Partisan,’ box-ticking all indie pop expectations with blue-colour splash and digital drive.

The five draw psychedelia to soul in fashioned verse-bound fluency, bubbling away in upturned jeans and inside out jumpers, as guitar-programmed pulse struts and strikes under the streetlights.

‘Partisan’ obsesses sensuality in chorus, as physical bass beats firm to climactic snare drum cuts. Yawwn squeeze it all from what simplicity has left, purifying pop affection into lyrical allure.

The quintet carve an oceanic milieu from tangible morphs of rhythm and bite, shaping ‘Partisan’ a watery flow out of computer-trapped streams.

Yawwn capitalise on expansive musical form and convention, sculpting a liquid sound of psychedelic indie pop out of funk-driven digital soul.

The new single ‘Partisan’ is out now via Secret Dinosaur Records – and is available to purchase on iTunes here.

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