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TRACK OF THE DAY: Sorcha Richardson – ‘Waking Life’

“Yeah I know we dreamed about it, waking life is not the same /Winter, well I dream of summer/Summer days, I dream of rain”—Sorcha Richardson, ‘Waking Life’

Chronic dissatisfaction as a concept has stirred around in my psyche for longer than I can remember.

No wait… that’s a lie. I can remember. Chronic dissatisfaction as a concept has been stirring around in my psyche ever since I saw that film Vicky Christina Barcelona, a piece of work created by the ever questionable Woody Allen. I remember feeling personally attacked as Penelope Cruise (a passionate and potentially unhinged artist) points her finger at Scarlett Johansson (a bored, spoiled and potentially unhinged human being) and with deep and penetrating conviction accuses her of suffering from what she describes as “Chronic Dissatisfaction.”

The real beauty to the music Sorcha Richardson continues to create is her ability to interweave a sense of deep humanity through all of her song-writing. By showcasing both the sentimental and the cringe-worthy characteristics that make her subjects who they are, she allows a listener the chance to reconcile those things within their own selves – which is a very powerful tool for a songwriter to wield.

‘Waking Life’ sees Richardson continue moving steadfast into a more electronic and accessible pop sound. Feeling very much like a continuation from previous single ‘4AM,’ it was written at a time when she felt that “Things in life were falling short of were she wanted them to be.” Recorded with friend Alex Casnoff at his garden studio in LA, the swelling chorus has that anthemic feeling that I used to get listening to songs like ‘Kids’ by MGMT, and though the verses are tinged with a sense of sadness, there is something very empowering and strong about the piece as a whole.

As Richardson moves into this new sound she brings alongside her all the best aspects of her singer-songwriter roots, and refines them into concise and infectious pop bangers. The lyrics are less but each word bears more weight.

“The grass is always greener” notion is a profound and universally explored one, but that’s the great thing about Richardson. She says it differently.

The new single ‘Waking Life’ is out now – available to download for free here. Sorcha will also be touring with Imelda May this October (full dates can be found below).

Catch Sorcha Richardson on tour, this October, with Imelda May at the following dates:

Monday 23rd – Spiegeltent, Wexford
Tuesday 24th – UCH, Limerick
Wednesday 25th – UCH, Limerick
Friday 27th – Sligo Live
Saturday 28th – INEC, Killarney
Sunday 29th – Opera House, Cork
Tuesday 31st – Speigeltent, Wexford

Photo Credit: Yimmy Yayo

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