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There’s something about Honeyblood. I remember the first time I heard those swirling, nectar-sweet guitar lines; those drum patterns with the strength of industrial steel. I was looking out of my window, where great black rainclouds like bruises melted into the soft white. In many ways it was the perfect image to reflect the kind of sound this Glaswegian duo have manged to conjure up. Their ability to find that balance between aggression and docility, melancholia and sheer joy, is something quite special.

So I was delighted to be given the opportunity to have a brisk chat with singer and guitarist Stina Tweeddale, ahead of Honeyblood’s show at Goose Island’s LDN Black Party last month.

Hello! To start off: How did Honeyblood come to be?

I’ve always written songs and been in bands so I guess it was just a natural progression from that. Honeyblood was always there and when I started to come up with the ideas for songs myself it showed me what I really wanted to be doing creatively.

Glasgow has a great musical heritage. What’s the music scene like and was it a good place to start a band?

It’s a very creative city, and supportive of all types of art. I love that Glasgow is my place to call home. It was a good place to start off as it has a collection of smaller venues to get you gigging in which is essential as a young band.

Are there any Glasgow based bands right now that you’d recommend?

The Ninth Wave. They’re very special.

Some people seem to think that guitar music is on the way out. Do you agree, and if so, why do you think this is?

Haha, I don’t really know what to say about that really seeing as I play guitar music. I don’t think it is on the way out.

You played Goose Island’s LDN Block Party back in September with the likes of White Lies, Courts, Superfood, and The Age of L.U.N.A. Who’s performance were you most looking forward to watching?

Superfood. Their new album is great.

The new album, ‘Babes Never Die,’ is out now – available to purchase on various formats here. Honeyblood will be touring the UK throughout December – tickets can be bought here.

Photo insert (LDN Block Party): Joe Okpako

Find Honeyblood on Facebook and Twitter.

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