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TRACK OF THE DAY: Red Kite – ‘And Yet You Miss The Sea’

Red Kite’s latest release, ‘and yet you miss the sea’, is an almost literary return to childhood, as the melodic London quintet capture the nostalgia and melancholy of vulnerable ways, and seaside holidays.

Guitars whirr wonder, lifting us up like the fantasies and dreams to inspire stories and games, rhythmically partnering in beautiful difference. Backbeat drums plug in the tale, as the storytelling vocals give away glimpses of the sea and splashes of memory, carried far away and back by string-played tricks.

Living on ostinato fuel, ‘and yet you miss the sea’ taps into slacker rock standards with ease, placing rainbowing guitar trips on firmly grounded drums and bass of unchanging rhythm. The five push the track to its near limit, forcing an implosion into its conclusion, as melodics detune to uncontrollable crashes of colour.

All the while storing the song at a safely travelling pace throughout, Red Kite work to undo the screws on a well-oiled machine, conjuring thoughts of times gone by as the canvas flies away.

The new single ‘and yet you miss the sea’ is taken from forthcoming album ‘Racquet’, due November 3rd on Blood Records. Pre-Order the album here.

Catch Red Kite live at the following dates:

November 9th – Camden Assembly, London
November 11th – Purple Turtle, Reading
December 7th – Esquires, Bedford
December 15th – Night & Day Café, Manchester

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