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TRACK OF THE DAY: Mauwe – ‘That’s All’

If serendipity calls, we must surely answer, right? For Mauwe a similar kind of providence became one of the defining factors that drew them forward to this here and now – where the newly-formed duo have released their dream into the world, taking strides with a transatlantic flavour, their Bristolian music tastes chart-worthy and feels prosperous. The track: ‘That’s All’.

The individual paths of these two musicians have led to consistent chance encounters across the years, reflecting the same sense of fate and happiness that can be felt in this first single; ‘That’s All’. Mauwe say the song is about coming out of the other side of a break up, leaving behind the bitterness, grudges and longing, to be able to say “that’s all” and move on to a brighter future. The sound of electro-pop they have created leads to connotations of relief from heartache and belief in sunnier days.

The underlying atmospheric but creeping synth line creates a soothing feeling throughout the song without losing , adding to the narrative of the healing process after a break up. Though the lyrics of the verse sound wistful, surrounding themes of having ‘moved on’ and ‘thinking of you’, the jump into a vibrant synth with the words ‘and that’s all’ make the song’s overall vibe one of optimism and closure. With this you’ve got yourself a song that will translate to various moods of emotional states – which we believe makes the track perfect for playlisting purposes.

Despite coming out of a somewhat rainy Southern British city, ‘That’s All’ remains distinctly optimistic – and we trust that this is just one of the many hurrahs in the sunny days that lie ahead of Mauwe.

Photo Credit: Fraser Taylor

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